Model UN prepares for competition


Sarah Lowery, Reporter

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations. They play roles of delegates from certain countries to work with other delegates from different schools to solve real-world problems, from economics to climate change. The group is sponsored by Ms. Pastor, US Government teacher, and Mrs. Brantley, World History teacher. The Model UN group meets from January to early February, with the main conference being in February. 

This year the conference takes place February 14th-16th, 2020 at the University of Alabama. The 2020 members include Rebeca Emiliano, Cara Nolen, Grace Carr, Sarah Lowery, Jazmine Williams, Olivia Gilbert, Blessing Adejurno, Miranda Martin, Abigail Heuton, Austin Lowery, Janie Gray, and Ella Alexander. 

 Abigail Heuton, first-year Model UN student said she is “excited to be participating in Model Un. Many of my friends have told me about how much fun the trip is and learning about new countries so I decided to try it this year. I hope our school is able to learn and grow during the trip!”

The countries represented are North Korea, Panama, Seychelles, Russia and Mongolia, all represented by the committees of DISEC, UNEP, UNESCO, and ACD. Apart from the general committees, Model UN also includes a special section for crisis committees. Which include ICJ represented by Associate Justice Spot #6, Designated Survivor represented by Senator Olivia Lockhart (D-LA), and Texas Republic represented by Henry Smith. Both categories of committees dedicate their time to writing resolution papers that include suggested solutions to the on-going world problems. These papers will be judged, along with the other schools’ papers. 

If Model UN sounds interesting be sure to talk to Mrs. Pastor or Mrs. Brantley about participating next year.