Montevallo debates current events with new club


Brett Terrill, Reporter

During A Clubs on Wednesday January the 15th, The Current Events Club met with AP U.S. history and US History 11 teacher, Ms.Meadows in her room to discuss some of today’s most controversial topics.

 Emily Haynie, a junior and a member of the Current Events Club, stated that, “I enjoy having a place to talk about and discuss some important topics in this world, it allows my voice to actually be heard.” 

During the meeting, they talked about the Australian Bushfires, how they started and ways of stopping them. The group then converged on the topic of taxes; What exactly do our taxes go towards and how much would our taxes inflate, if at all,  if college became free? 

Current Events Club allows students to freely talk and discuss any topics while maintaining a mature and civilized conversation with one another. It allows those who want to speak about political and environmental beliefs to be heard. It gives students a sense of understanding and opens up the opportunity to see the same topic from someone else’s point of view.