MHS takes the stage


On April 17th and 18th the MHS theater program is putting on the production of The Bold, the Young, and the Murdered by Don Zolidis. 

This play is a murder mystery comedy about the cast of a long-running soap opera that is in its last days. When tasked with recording an episode worth keeping the show running, in one night, the cast is locked in and people start to drop like flies.

When asked about the script cast member William Landers said, “I think it’s funny and has many twists and turns that will keep the audience entertained.” 

This Tuesday the cast and stage directors had their first of many rehearsals. The cast started out by having a quick read through of the script to get a feel for their roles. 

Ms. Meadows said, “I’m really excited, I feel like we have a really good cast. If we laughed that much during the read through, I can only imagine how much fun this whole thing will be.” 

From now until the show date the cast will rehearse every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We are all looking forward to seeing this production in April.