MHS Scholars Bowl Team Prevails in Montgomery Tournament


The Scholars Bowl team consisting of Miranda Martin, William Landers, Janie Gray, Ella Alexander and Katie Ozley, went to Montgomery on December 7th to play in a tournament that will be televised on Alabama Public Television.

Faculty sponsors Mr. Wilke and Mr. Martin accompanied the team on Saturday and everyone was excited to participate in the tournament.


Scholars’ Bowl team member Janie Gray, she stated, “We were all very eager to go and play this tournament and even more excited at the prospect of seeing ourselves on television!” 

The team won their first round against Reeltown High School by a large margin, but unfortunately lost their second round in the semifinals against Clarke County High School. The team was disappointed with their loss but were proud of themselves for getting as far as they did. 

The tournament will be televised by Alabama Public Television sometime in the spring and Mr. Martin said that he will advertise when it is going to be shown.

 “Many members of the team had never been part of the process of filming for television so it was a fun and eye opening experience for us,” according to junior Janie Gray. 

Good luck to the Bulldog Scholars’ Bowl team as they go on throughout the rest of their season playing more tournaments on the state and county level.