MHS welcomes Ms. Meadows


Justus Anderson and Campbell Cost

Ms.Meadows is Montevallo’s relatively new US history and theatre teacher. She teaches US History 11, APUSH 10 & 11, along with all theatre classes. 

Ms.Meadows began teaching at MHS at the start of the second semester of her first year as a teacher of the 2018-2019 school year, but she was already deeply rooted in Montevallo prior this job. Ms.Meadows received her first and second bachelor’s degree from the University of Montevallo in history and political science in 2014 and 2016. She finished her career at UM by acquiring her master’s degree in education in 2018. She also interned for former MHS history teacher Ms.McCaleb.

Ms.Meadows said, “I fell in love with the community during college, and I fell in love with the school while interning for Ms.McCaleb.” when asked why she decided to take the job here. 

Originally Ms.Meadows took Ms.McCaleb’s position as the Broadcast Journalism teacher. Until this year when she switched departments with Ms.House and took over the theatre program. 

When asked how she feels about the switch she said, “I am super excited to be teaching a subject that I am so passionate about and loved as a high school student. I am looking forward to growing our theatre program.”

In her time at MHS Ms.Meadows has really found a way to connect with her students and find how to make learning US history a more engaging experience. Not only has she made her time here fun for students but she has made it a wonderful time for herself as well.

She said her favorite thing about MHS is “I love how close knit the student body is with each other and how everyone knows each other. Also for the most part, everyone is accepting of each other’s differences”

If there is anything to say about Ms.Meadows, its that she is an excellent addition to the MHS family and we’re all glad to have her.