Students give back

Emily Haynie and Kelsy Correa

Care Club is one of Montevallo High Schools brand new clubs. Mrs. Johnson, MHS choir teacher is the sponsor of Care Club. She hopes to help this club be led by the students rather than her being in charge. The Care Club idea came about when she was asked to come up with a club to sponsor, she asked her classes for their ideas also. An outreach service club with Childrens Hospital was at the top of the list. 

Mrs. Johnson said “ Having experience with family members in the hospital for extended periods of time, I know how important it is to reach out not only to the patients but to those family members attending to them for long periods of time.” 

At the first meeting, the club discussed ideas on how to help at Children’s Hospital and things that the school could participate in. At the third meeting, the goal was set. Care Club is starting up a crayon drive for Children’s Hospital. They go through 4,000 crayons per week, which is 208,000 per year! On top of the drive, Care Club plans to take at least one trip to the hospital to interact with the patients as well as their families.