Broadcast members learn new skills


Wendy Escalante and Denise Ocampo

On Nov 1st Montevallo High School broadcast students went on a field trip to the University of Montevallo to learn about short films, producing newscasts, writing news stories and much more.  Several other area schools also attended this field trip. The students were given a schedule with the times of the different classes they could go to visit. One class taught the students how producing a newscast works behind the camera. The students were taught how to work the camera, add effects, sound, and how to be a professional television host and news reporter. Another class was allowing the students to create short films and play them for everyone to watch. In one class the professor taught about the duties of a producer. The producer is the one who runs the show and has many responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities include timing the broadcast, choosing the right mix of stories, writing and editing, building graphics and many more important jobs. Above that, the producer has to show leadership skills as they are the person the team will look up to.

Kelsy Correa stated that she “enjoyed and learned many new things from this trip and especially liked the class where we discussed about social media. We learned that social media plays a big role in our daily lives but it also has its pros and cons. To sum up, this trip would be great for those who are interested in the career of film making or something of the sort.”

MHS student Kimberly Garcia stated, “It was a very fun and interesting experience. I learned about the different tasks it takes to run and produce a show and how a camera works. It was an amazing experience to be able to participate in.”

Overall the students enjoyed this trip. It was great to have the opportunity to learn and observe what happens behind the cameras and the hard work it takes to host and construct a show.