Future teachers shadow MES teachers

Kelsey Correa, Emily Haynie, and Kim Garcia

On Wednesday October 16th, the Future Teachers of America members shadowed at Montevallo Elementary School. The day began bright and early as first and second year members got there name tags, assigned classroom number and were given a run down what the day was to look like. 

Once everyone found their classrooms they began to shadow inside their assigned classrooms.. They first introduced themselves to students. After that they began to shadow and watch how the teachers taught her/his students. As the day went on they were given small tasks such as; helping the teacher with small task, grading papers, walking students to and from class, helping students with work and observing. 

Sophomore, Amanda Boothe attended the function and says,”It was fun helping out the teacher with classroom duties. Listening to the kids talk and interact with the teacher. They had a lot of interesting questions! The kids also talked to me and had questions for me. One kid even begged me to come back the next day. Overall the experience was fantastic! I can’t wait to do it again.”

The opportunity to shadow a teacher is an important milestone for FTA members, because they are able to gain first hand experience and are able to understand what it really takes to be a teacher.