Girls meet to chew and chat away


Kelsy Correa, Reporter

Chew and Chat is one of the many clubs introduced to group B members during flex period. This club is being run by Mrs. Nunn. She teaches Career Preparedness at MHS. In this club girls will chat about many important topics that aren’t usually discussed. 

When asked why she chose to sponsor Chew & Chat Mrs. Nunn stated, “I want to be an influence on younger ladies and shine light on topics that aren’t normally talked about. I hope to be someone that girls come to if they need anything.” 

Freshman Lydia Bass joined Chew & Chat because she wants to grow and “ learn about new topics, with someone who is an older influence like Mrs. Nunn.”

Everyone is excited to start chatting away and discuss some really important topics! 

Mrs. Nunn states, “I am going to make this club like a sorority! A place where the girls are close and don’t feel like they’re being judged!”