Troubadours take Troy

Jazmine Williams, EmilyAnne Smith, and Brett Terrill

      The Sound of the South Trojan Band Day was held on Saturday, September 14, at Troy University in Troy, Alabama. “Sound of the South” marching band director, Dr. Mark J. Walker, invites bands from all around the south to participate in this event. Troy Band Day was an all day event where high schoolers participate in SOTS’s halftime show and enjoyed a special 5th quarter show after the Southern Miss vs. Troy football game. WDOG reporters took to the field and were given the opportunity to interview Drum Majors Dallas Wade and Luis de la Fuente on some of the day’s events. 

Dallas Wade was asked, “What was the most exciting part of today and why?” 

      She replied with, “The most exciting part was definitely get to conducting America the Beautiful at the end; that’s my favorite song at the end.” 

      Luis de la Fuente was asked, “What do you hope the high school bands will take with them after today’s events?His response was, “I hope that they get a sense of excitement for band. I know that band has been a huge part of my life and it’s a big part of who I am today.”

      The Montevallo Marching Troubadours spent the day with college band members, making lots of fun memories and gaining new experiences. The band hopes to apply new techniques to their halftime show and attend Troy Band Day yet again next year.