FFA plans for upcoming year


Avery Lawley and Anna Thompson

On Wednesday, September 18th, Montevallo High School had their first club meeting during flex period. Some said it was chaotic, but others said it was calm and they knew where to go. Students were able to pick two clubs they were interested in and those are the clubs they will attend every other week during flex period. One club that met Wednesday was the Future Farmers of America, otherwise known as FFA.

Students who have in interest in agriculture can join and be involved in all things farming. The sponsor of FFA is Ashton Cottingham. This will be his second year in charge of the organization.

Mr. Cottingham said he “loves this organization and how devoted the students are to it.”

FFA is very involved in the community. One thing they sponsor is Farm Day. On Farm Day, FFA has a variety of different farm animals for the community to come see. Farm Day is set up in Orr Park. On the first day of Farm Day, children from the elementary school have the opportunity to come and see all of the animals. Members of FFA love to see children’s faces light up when they get to see and pet the animals.

Senior Polly Holsomback said, “I have been in FFA for the last four years and I love it! Farm Day is my absolute favorite day because I love seeing all of the kids faces light up when they see and pet the animals.”

Be on the lookout for information on Farm Day this spring.