FCCLA aims for more community involvement


Jaden Moody and Morgan Honeycutt

As a new school year rises, so do the clubs and extracurricular activities. One particular club is FCCLA, a leadership based club run by Mrs.Carter. FCCLA stands for: Family, Career, and Community Leaders and there are 35 members this year. Their goals for the year include enhancing their community involvement and finding ways to represent MHS professionally. They do fundraisers along with sponsoring school events. They hope to add more sponsored events to their portfolio.


Mrs.Carter states, “I am looking forward to seeing how the things we do and plan to do impact our community and I’m also looking forward to getting to learn more about my members.”


They are hoping to get much recognition this year and achieve many things. Their biggest achievements so far are student-led meetings and involvement. Mrs.Carter and the FCCLA members are hoping for a smooth year and many enjoyable memories.