FBLA prepares future leaders


Wendy Escalante and Denise Ocampo

FBLA (Future Business Leader of America) is an organization for young scholars who are interested in becoming business leaders. FBLA members get together every Thursday to discuss fundraisers, upcoming events and ideas to improve our school. The head of the club is Mrs. Nunn, current career preparedness and entrepreneurship  teacher at Montevallo High School. FBLA is always involved in fundraisers. Recently, they had a fundraiser organized at the last football game against Jemison. They are currently selling scrunchies and other hair accessories as one of the fundraisers this year. 

FBLA gives the members an opportunity for leadership by allowing students to run for a position in the club. These positions include president, vice president, secretary, reporter, treasurer, historian and parliamentarian. To run for a position the student must fill out a packet and prepare a speech to give when the day of voting comes. For special events such as holidays, FBLA not only runs fundraisers such as canned food drives, but they also participate in the Christmas and homecoming parade. FBLA attends field trips such as district workshops and competition. Every year Mrs. Nun gathers her team to competition and they have an amazing time meeting kids from other schools along with real people who work in the business industry. 

Mrs. Nunn’s goal for her students this year “is for the students to be self motivated, take leadership roles, to be able to conduct and take part in activities and events that include their peers and the community.” 

FBLA helps students prepare to be leaders in wherever it is they desire to pursue a career in. Each member plays an important role in the club. 

Mrs. Nunn said the main purpose “of FBLA is to equip students with the necessary background to prepare them for life after high school whether it be to enter the workforce, college or simply helping kids with social skills. It will benefit them to be able to communicate with others they come in contact with.”

 FBLA is not only a club but a way for kids to come together as a team to be leaders in their community. Each member is an important aspect to the club. FBLA offers several opportunities for leadership roles and is overall a helping and phenomenal club to our community.