New flex period provides opportunities


Justus Anderson and Campbell Cost

This year Montevallo High School has introduced a new class, called Flex Period. 

Flex period was created to make extra time for intervention, clubs and teacher collaboration. This is where, during 3rd period, students will go to their LEAD class, club, or teacher that they are assigned for the week. This idea was initiated by former principal Dr. Turner and has been managed and edited by many different stakeholders.

Each teacher will sponsor two clubs this year, that will meet during the flex period on certain days. On August 22nd and 23rd RUSH was held in the lunchroom for students to decide what clubs they want to join. The addition of the flex period provides for more club activity. 

FCCLA sponsor Ms.Carter said one of the benefits is, “Being able to meet with clubs during the school day will help with participation and planning.”

There seems to be mixed feelings about the new flex period. A lot of students have been confused by the addition to the new class, saying that they don’t know where to go and when to go. Others think that it’s addition is completely unnecessary. On the other hand teachers seem to believe that it takes a lot of pressure off of them and helps them manage clubs a lot better. 

Junior Aiyana Race said, “There’s too much going on and it needs to be simplified, and it is confusing for some people to know where to go.”

On the other hand, some students seem to really enjoy the flex period.

SGA Junior Rep Kimberly Garcia said, “It’s very helpful to me because it gives me time to work on homework and study.”

As of now no one knows if the flex period will be a permanent addition to the schedule. Some people have doubts and concerns about it but, the addition of this new period has provided for some great opportunities and some people seem to really like it.  In order to see the full benefit of the change, students and teachers need to be prepared to adjust as the year progresses.