Students go “bananas” at pep rally


Abigail Heuton

Senior Roderick Morris leads the juniors and seniors in the Banana song during the first pep rally.

Abigail Heuton and Vanessa Avalos

Students went “bananas” for the first pep rally of the season, Friday, Aug. 24. The cheerleaders erupted in cheers bringing the whole bleachers to their feet.

“This has been one of the best pep rallies we’ve ever had as far as student participation,” Niven said. “I loved seeing all the students get involved. I hope this next pep rally will be just as big!”

The juniors and seniors surprised the underclassmen when an air horn blew signalling senior Roderick Morris, to run out in a banana suit. With the appearance of Morris the upperclassmen pulled out their yellow with yellow balloons falling everywhere. The cheerleaders led the upperclassmen in the banana song while the freshmen and sophomores watched in confusion.

“We wanted to do something different to get the crowd pumped up; a sort of  shocker effect,” senior cheerleader Trudie Benson said. “It was definitely that.  The juniors and seniors did a great job pulling it off.”

With the end of the pep rally the football players, cheerleaders, and band including auxiliary prepared for the game. Later that night Montevallo would win against Marbury with the score at 36-27.