Seniors claim Homecoming class victory


MiKayla Cardwell

Seniors show their school spirit at the Homecoming Pep Rally. The seniors won the spirit competition.

Dakota DuBose and Lily Stone

Dakota DuBose, News Writer

During Montevallo’s homecoming week, students had the opportunity to participate in dress up days; play powderpuff, dodgeball, and volleyball against the other classes; and compete in the wall and float competitions.

The dress up days were chosen by the SGA.  The days consisted of Murcia’ Monday, Too Old Tuesday, Gender Blender Wednesday, Spirit Day Thursday, and Black Out Friday.

“My favorite dress up day was Gender blender Wednesday, because I got to wear my Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers jersey,’’ English teacher Mary Howard said.

The powderpuff game took place Wednesday night with the juniors claiming the victory.  The seniors took the victory in both the Volleyball game and Dodgeball games, Thursday and Friday, respectively.

“It was a great feeling, no doubt, because there was no competition,” senior Te’ Smith said.

With the wall and float competition each class had a theme.  The seniors decorated theirs based on the theme, “Tame the Wildcats”, the juniors, “Wash the Wildcats”, the sophomore’s “There’s no place like Homecoming”, and the freshmen, “Wipeout the Wildcats.”

The sophomores won the float competition and the seniors the wall competition.

The final point tally for the week put the seniors finishing first; the juniors, second; the sophomores third; and the freshmen last.