Sophomores visit with Shelby County businesses


Jordan Johnson

Shelby County sophomores visit with businesses throughout the county learning about various career options.

Diego Martinez and Jordan Johson

Jordan Johnson, News Writer

Sophomores from throughout Shelby County schools met at the Shelby County Exhibition Center, Monday, September 12 to learn more about career options.

“We allowed the tenth grade students to come out and meet some business people in Shelby County to learn about job careers in Shelby County and how much money they can look to make in those careers,” Keyla Handley with the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce said.  “They learned about what they can do now to be better prepared in that career tomorrow, what kind of education requirements are required for those jobs, and were able to just to get a little one on one time with the business people here in Shelby County.”

In order to determine career choices, students took a career assessment class their freshman year.  From the results, they were given two career stations to visit.  For the third choice, they were able to choose one of their own.

“I really enjoyed getting to talk to the army recruiter,” sophomore Jay Sullens said.  “After high school, I really think I want to go into the army.”

Careers stations were selected from the sixteen career clusters designed by the National Career Cluster Framework.  Some of the choices included business and marketing, hospitality and tourism, and transportation and logistics.

“From the feedback of the students, most students got something out of it,” guidance counselor Cheryl Allen said.  “Students got to learn about careers they were interested in and new to them.”

The Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce plans to do this every year with the sophomore class in Shelby County.