Atrox haunted house offers frightening experience

Maddie Phillips, News Writer

Atrox Factory, a haunted house in Leeds, Alabama, is only open during October and changes features and frights every year.
This year’s haunted house lived up to its scary reputation.   Atrox contained many different rooms including a clown room, a doctor room, a pitch black room, a bridge with spinning walls, and many more.   I was scared almost the whole time, and I screamed a lot in fear of what I saw. The haunted house participants moved really close to visitors faces and reached out to touch visitors.
While waiting to enter the haunted house, a variety of movies played, a shop provided visitors with the opportunity to purchase t-shirts and souvenirs as well as food and drinks.
The celebrity appearance at Atrox was made by Naomi Grossman, from the TV show American Horror Story.  She was available to visitors to take pictures and sign autographs. Each weekend in October featured a different celebrity.
Overall, I thought Atrox was frightening.  It was fun, and even though it was crowded, there was plenty of room for everyone.  There were many things to divert one’s attention while awaiting entrance.  I believe the experience at Atrox was worth the money.