Classmates recall memories with Holsomback


In a typical “Country Boy” moment, Austin Holsomback takes a break from putt-putt during a Panama City Beach trip to pose with an oversized turtle structure.

Katie Hamrick, News Writer

Austin Ray Holsomback, known as “Country Boy” to his family and friends, passed away on July 28, 2013, succumbing to injuries maintained in a four-wheeler accident.
Holsomback was an upcoming senior at Montevallo High School. This country boy loved being with his family and friends and having a good time. His favorite pastimes were hunting, fishing and mud ridding, but above all, he loved to drag race.
No matter the circumstance, Holsomback could put a smile on a friend’s face.
There was never a dull moment with Holsomback.  He will be remembered by the smile that he always had on his face and the great memories he gave and shared with his many friends.
Some of those unforgettable moments with Holsomback and his family and friends are included below.
“We were planning on taking a road trip on our Harleys next summer after we graduate,” senior Seth Hawks said.  “It hurts to know that we won’t be able to do that, but I know we will get to ride beside each other someday.”
A specific event is remembered.
“I remember when Austin and I went to prom together,” junior School of Technology student Breagan Davenport said.  “It’s a blessing to look back and see that I got to attend prom with him.”
Participating in one of his favorite activities is remembered.
“My favorite memory with Austin was enjoying together what he loved, mud riding.” senior Madison Fancher said.
Holsomback will be remembered for ordinary moments, too.
“My memories with Austin will always be special moments to me,” junior Lavoy Goetz said.  “My favorite thing to do with Austin was to just hang out and play pool.”
Even a moment from elementary school is remembered.
“I remember Austin had to help me chase my brothers down the hallway at a third grade Valentine’s Day party,” senior Maddie Phillips said.  “Then he gave me his toy heart because I lost mine, and ever since then we were close friends.”
Although many students didn’t get a chance to personally know Austin, they recognize how he brought the community and school closer together.  Students continue to honor Holsomback’s memory by wearing camouflage t-shirts emblazoned with “Team Austin” on the back as well as “Pray First” bracelets.  Regardless of where the future takes his friends, the MHS family will remember Holsomback for his infectious energetic spirit and true love of life.
“Every memory will always be cherished,” his mother Lisa Holsomback said.   “He was our world and always will be. We still love him dearly. He is gone out of our world, but he will be forever in our hearts and memories.”