Green’s book is unforgettable tear-jerker


Amber Spence, News Writer

    The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a tear-jerker, yet contains moments in which the reader can’t help but literally laugh out loud.  This book is one of the six books for Battle of the Books, and it’s definitely worth reading.
The book begins in the hospital room of a girl named Hazel who is suffering from thyroid cancer and lung tumors.  She is depressed and lonely in her room, so she is forced to go to a cancer support group where they sit in the literal heart of Jesus and tell their story every week.
Every week they see a new face or a face missing, and in one particular group session, Hazel’s eye is caught by the cocky but handsome new boy, Augustus Waters.
Augustus has been cancer free for months but is at the support group for his good friend Isaac. After a heated argument in support group Augustus walked over to Hazel while she waits on her mother to see what she is like.
After speaking for a little while Hazel goes to his house for a few hours so she can get to know the cute new guy from support group. They exchange favorite books which changes their relationship completely. He reads her favorite book, which has no real ending and the writer seems to have fallen off the face of the planet.  Augustus loved the book, wants to know the ending, so he researches and finds the missing author.
One of the” cancer perks” one receives is to get one wish upon imminent death, and the wish can be used on anything.  The remainder of the novel revolves around the wish that is made and how the relationship between Hazel and Augustus changes.
The Fault in Our Stars is an unforgettable book that causes one to ponder on life, death and ways to relish every day lived in preparation for death.