Pep rally energizes students


Members of the Marching Troubadours, led by senior drum major Trenton Johnson, perform for the student body at the back-to-school pep rally.

Sarah Hyde, Editor

    In past years at Montevallo High School, each grade level had its own assembly to introduce the school year.  This year, though, students participated in a school-wide pep rally, complete with cheers from the cheerleaders, music form the band, and a speech from the new principal, Gary Minnick. 
    During this pep rally, students were introduced to the principal’s sense of humor, after learning that Minnick hid a twenty dollar bill into a balled up piece of paper.  Over three hundred students walked right past this trash and either ignored the need to pick it up or paid no attention to it at all.
    “This is our home for 8 hours of the day,” Minnick said.  “You pick up trash in your home, so let’s keep our ‘home’ clean and respect it.”
    Minnick not only encouraged students to take pride in their academic home, but also encouraged them to have more school spirit as well.
    “These cheerleaders are cheering with you, not for you,” Minnick said.
    In addition to Minnick’s introduction, students were introduced to the new teachers.  Students listened as the new sophomore history teacher/SGA and student council supervisor informed them of upcoming elections for student government and expectations for participating in such leadership roles.
    Sophomores Meredith Goggins, Kaylee Smith, Lena Buttergritt, Hope Wilder and Ashley Williams performed a skit that they wrote for the volleyball team on team night.  Coach Tena Niven was played by Goggins, Tim McGraw by Williams, Faith Hill by Wilder, and Buttergritt and Smith played body guards warding off Niven as she convinced McGraw to “Call Me Maybe.”  Knowing the love Niven has for Tim McGraw, the crowd laughed and sang along as she stole McGraw from Hill. 
    The pep rally was a unique way to start the first day of school and gave students an idea the expectations the administration and faculty would have.  Minnick’s ideas and attitude made students excited for the school year and ready to see his ideas implemented.
    “I am excited that we have a new principal who is AP-minded and focused on the students,” senior Josy Martires said.  “He seems like he is caring, and if it’s your birthday, he will even come find you and give you a sucker.  I am happy he is here for my senior year; he’s the kind of principal I am confident in.”
    Students are anticipating a good school year with a new principal, many new teachers, and the new AP incentive program.