Carell and Gosling share spotlight in unexpected rom-com

A-list stars entertain audiences in 2011's romantic-comedy smash hit.

Sarah Fowler, Copy Editor

    Crazy, Stupid, Love was released Friday, July 29, and is now on DVD. Critics gave this movie 69 out of 100. Personally, this stat is much too low. I thought that the movie had a wonderful mixture of humor, mystery, and romance. Crazy, Stupid, Love has a very interesting twist throughout the entire movie keeping you at the edge of your seat. Exceeding the normal comedy/ romance film, Crazy, Stupid, Love reveals how messed up, funny, ridiculous and real a family actually is. A-list actors who starred in Crazy, Stupid, Love are Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Steve Carell.
    Cal Weaver, played by Carell, is a wealthy businessman who has all of his “T’s” crossed and his “I’s” dotted.  He married his high school sweetheart Emily (Moore), and they had two wonderful children, making his life perfect, or so he thought. Within the first five minutes of the movie Emily admits to cheating on Cal with one of her business friends, and has convinced herself that divorce would be the easiest and best way to get out of their so-called perfect marriage.
    Cal’s thirteen-year-old son Robbie takes his parents divorce to heart and begins to question love and if it even exists. Struggling with his love for his babysitter Jessica, Robbie begs his father to prove to him how to love. Now Cal must figure out how to re-enter the dating world, but his chances of succeeding in finding a date are slim, thanks to his tucked-in striped polo shirts, loose-fitted khakis, and his horrid windbreaker jackets.  With help from Jacob Palmer (Gosling), Carell is transformed into a smooth-talking, show-stopping, hottie. To thicken the plot, Palmer, who is supposedly a womanizer, falls head over his Dolce and Gabbana oxfords for Hannah (Emma Stone).
    To figure out how Carell’s life unravels sit down and enjoy a large bowl of popcorn, and a night full of laughter.