Girls’ wrestling spotlight

Jayden Foster, Reporter

    Whats up bulldogs!! Let’s show some love to the girls on our girls’ wrestling team! They have been putting in such an effort and have been working harder than ever this season. They had a tournament on January 19th  and they had great sportsmanship toward the other opponents. 

   Divanni Espinosa said her biggest challenge this year has been trying a new sport.  Even though it’s been tough for the girls they still push through and never give up. Divanni said about the season that “you can’t underestimate your other opponents because even if  you won one time that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win again.” When asked how wrestling had changed her life Divanni responded“it’s changed a lot because I have to keep in mind my weight and I can’t break weight so it’s a lot about eating right and making sure your exercise enough before your next match. So it’s been a big change for me and my mindset, it’s made me more confident and I feel like I can do more things.” 

   So much respect goes into these amazing girls and so many good things come out of being on the wrestling team! Come out and support these amazing girls this season! Go Bulldogs!