MHS Auxiliary Clinics

Lucia Bertolone, Reporter

The MHS Auxiliary has been recently hosting clinics before they have tryouts. These clinics are for people interested in joining and planning on trying out. Auxiliary is a part of the Montevallo Marching Troubadours and they are the visuals during the halftime show.  This year they are working on bringing a Majorette line back which will be connected with the Danceline. During the clinics they teach basics for all the different lines you could be a part of like, Dance/Majorette and Color Guard to prepare newcomers for tryout routines and to get a feel of what it’s like to hold a flag or twirl a baton. 

I asked a few current members about what they are excited for this upcoming season. One returning member, Abby Braynt said,  “I’m happy that we get to have majorettes this year, also looking forward to seeing the new people that are trying out and how far they have grown.” Another returning member Hailey Brantley said, “I love how my friends have became my family and can’t wait to share it with the new people. I’m so glad that I get to twirl this year and show off my skills that I’ve learned. I’m excited the lines get to grow from here on out!” Lastly Abby Genry said, “I am so excited to see all these young girls going out and doing the things they love. I cant wait to see what this season will bring us and the talent these girls have. Let’s get out there and show how amazing we can really be!”