Preseason Baseball 2023


Zachary Shores, Reporter

This season the Montevallo Bulldogs are looking for another state run to the playoffs. Last year they made it to the third round of the playoffs and lost to Gordo. The Dogs are hoping to start the season off with a win on February 28, 2023 at home starting at 6:00 P.M. 


When asked about the season, junior Braden Douglas said he is hoping for a good season. When asked about what he has done to prepare for this season he said he has “worked out and created a bond with his teammates”. Braden also said that his role on the team is “to do his part and be a leader”. When asked about the season, sophomore Kemp Swords said he is “hoping for a season like the last one”. Kemp said that in order to prepare for the upcoming season he has “worked out and put the off-season work in at the field”. When asked about his role he said “to perform to the best of his ability and to lead the team.”


We are all proud of the baseball team for last season. Le’ts go Bulldogs.