Going the distance

Wendy Escalante and Denise Ocampo

The cross country season is off to a great start! This year’s team has doubled in size. Coach, Arthur Wilke is hopeful that the team’s first meet will be August 30th at the University of Montevallo. The season will start on August 30th and finish around late October ending in Trussville. 

When asked how she felt about the upcoming season Lopez said, “I’m excited to see if I have improved in my speed and endurance this season. A typical meet is usually busy and there is a lot going on. The trails are quite long and rough, but in the end it is a very fun experience to run with about 50-200 girls all coming from different schools.”

When asked how she felt about the upcoming season sophomore Yulliana Gutierrez responded, “ I am eager to return to cross-country as this will be my third year running and second year running for high school.”

Wilke described this year’s uniforms as “a white tank with blue shorts, both by the brand Nike.”  Team practices are usually about one hour long. He said the “goal at every practice is to focus on endurance and try to simulate the 5k run which is about 3.2 miles. We will really focus on improving all of our weak areas and are aiming towards having an amazing season this year.” 

The team is definitely looking forward to a great season and cannot wait to demolish the other schools at every meet. Do not forget to come by the cross country meets and come support the team to see them excel this season.