Football players, cheerleaders greet students at MES


Madison Childress

Sophomore Will Howell (r) greets fifth grader Grey Williams (l) as he arrives at school last Friday.

Abby Smith, News Writer

Coach Brandon Wilcox’s Bulldogs will not be found in the locker room on Friday mornings of game day, but at Montevallo Elementary opening doors and greeting students as they come to school.

“It is important for our young people to see how much of an impact they have on others,” Wilcox said.  “We sometimes forget how many are watching what we do and that we can be great role models for the people in our community. I think going and being around these young elementary students helps us to be reminded of our great opportunity while we are briefly donning the jersey or uniform.”

Teachers have been been able to see the impact it has had on the students.

“I think it gives elementary students something to look forward to,” fifth grade teacher Lauren Sheehan said.   “It gives them something to dream about in their future. The players can also see kids that they may have been like them when they were in school and help them to strive to get to where they currently are.”

The weekly event allows elementary students to get to know the high school players.

“My favorite player is number one, Daqwan Bryant,” first grade student Marcel Jackson said.

Football players have also benefited from getting to know the younger generation.

“I like showing the kids love, seeing them smile and supporting them,” junior football player KO Brown said.

In addition to the football team, the cheerleaders also greet the students.

“I enjoy seeing the little kids and seeing how happy they are to see us,” sophomore cheerleader Kelsey Yancey said.

The program has allowed students on both ends to see where they are going or how far them have come.

“I like seeing the football players every Friday,” first grade student Jamarcus said.  “I want to be a football player when I grow up.”