Dais promotes health and fitness to athletes


MHS strength and conditioning coach celebrates with one of his personal training clients after an award-winning competition.

Landon Goodwin, Sports Writer

    Last spring, personal trainer Michael Dais was added to the coaching staff at Montevallo High School as the strength and conditioning coach. 
    He works with the athletes to develop strength, lose fat, gain muscle, condition and become faster.  Half his focus, however, is on the athletes’ diets.  He stresses that most young athletes do not eat enough basic meals or drink enough water every day. 
    “He’s always telling us to drink tons of water,” senior quarterback Trevor Chatham.
    And Dais not only talks the talk.
    “Every time I see him he’s carrying one of those gallon jugs of water,” Chatham said.
    By walking the walk now, Dais is just continuing what he began in the past.  After serving as a sergeant in the U.S. Army for Operation Desert Storm, he began competing for the first time in bodybuilding in 1993 and male modeling in 1994.  He has won several events in the past including the ANPPC Tall Class Alabama Open in 1994, Mr. New Orleans Male Modeling in 2000, and the WNPF dead lift and power curl in 2004.
    To prepare for competition, he drinks 1-2 gallons of water per day and eats egg whites, tuna, chicken and sweet potatoes.  His weekly routine consists of weight training on Monday and Thursday, cardio training every day he is not lifting weights, and yoga on Saturday.
    Recently, Dais decided to start competing again in the NGA Georgia Natural Bodybuilding Championships where he placed second in the male physique category.
    “Competing always ignites a spark for me to focus extra hard on diet,” Dais said.
    He will compete again in the NGA Florida Natural Bodybuilding Championships in Coral Springs, Florida on Saturday, Nov. 10.
    His success as a bodybuilder parallels his success as a personal trainer as well.  While attending the University of Montevallo for a degree in English/Language Arts, he began his career as a personal trainer.  After graduating from Montevallo in 1994, he became business partners with the original owner of The Body Shop in Alabaster.  Later, in 2007, he co-created Cutting Edge Fitness.  Finally, in 2009, he opened his own gym in Alabaster known as MD Fitness Studio, a 24-hour co-ed gym.
    He has also written a book on training called Stop Making Excuses.  Adding to his resume, he will be judging in eight pageants this year including the Jr. Miss and Miss Alabama contests as well as the Hawaiian Tropics contest.
    Drawing from his experience as a bodybuilder and fitness expert, Dais plans to push all the athletes in the school to get stronger and more conditioned.
    “I want for them to gain muscle and become stronger,” Dais said.  “Strength is an important part of all sports.”
    To the coaches and athletes, the difference he is making with them is clear in the weight room with significant increase in max lifts.
    “Everyone wants results to come easy, but nothing worthwhile comes easy,” Dais said.