Tebow inspires players and fans

Trey Colley, Sports Writer

    Tim Tebow has undoubtedly been the most recognized name in the National Football League over the last couple months.  The 24 year-old Denver Bronco quarterback has been playing spectacularly since he was given the opportunity to start. 
    Tebow has electrified the media with his unorthodox swagger.  His 6’3”, 245-pound frame punishes opponents through the air and on the ground.  Many refer to him as the “Comeback King” this year, because he has 6 fourth quarter comebacks, more than any other player. 
    One of his recent wins came over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  In overtime, Tebow blasted an 80-yard touchdown pass to his teammate Demaryous Thomas and hurled his team into the second round of the playoffs.  He finished the game 10 for 21 with 316 yards on the night; ironically these are the same numbers as his favorite Bible verse, John 3:16.  He tweeted this after the game: “Praise the Lord! Thanks to all my great teammates, coaches, and fans…this win was for Bronco Nation!”
    This “Tebowmania” has exploded onto the scene and is being talked about all over the nation.  After the stunning game with the Steelers he cemented his legacy into the social media world as well.  He averaged 9,420 tweets per second, a new sports tweet record, even ranking above the killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Ladan. 
    Tebow has also inspired the new fad of “Tebowing,” defined as the action of kneeling down and praying at random times.  This trend has exploded across the nation and in a recent wager over the game, the Pittsburgh mayor had to “Tebow” in a downtown park. 
    Tebow’s religious exuberance has inspired many people to take a second look at their own beliefs.  Tebow has many haters which dislike his methods of leadership or the way he plays, but one thing is indisputable, he is a winner.  Whether you love him, or hate him, you cannot deny that Tebow has made his case to be a legendary leader on and off the field.