New lunch schedule proves to be good decision

Taylor Worthey, News Writer

    Recently, lunch schedules were changed to reduce the amount of time students had to stand in line.  Classes are now spread out to enter the cafeteria line in about 5 minute increments. 
    Before this change, students were waiting in line longer than they had to actually eat because of the length of the lines.  Lunch is only about 25 minutes, and students were often waiting in line for more than ten minutes. 
    Because of the long lines, students would sometimes break in front of each other and create chaos just to get their food faster, and now there is none of that because the lines are much shorter.  Some people wouldn’t even eat before the lunch schedule was changed because they didn’t want to stand in the long line or because they didn’t have time to eat. 
    I think this new change is a great idea.  Everyone still has 25 minutes to eat, and this change has improved the lunch experience for students.  Not only do they have more time to eat because of the shorter lunch lines, but there’s also no longer overcrowding and shoving in the lines.  Now, we all have time to eat and time to enjoy visiting with our classmates.