Students petition for soccer team

Jorge Garcia, News Writer

    If you walk the hallways of Montevallo High, you can see the trophy cases lining the front hallways full of shining awards—triumphs of numerous Bulldog teams.  In the gym, you can see banners recognizing the basketball team for their great achievements.  What’s the one thing missing around Montevallo’s hallways and gym?  Any sign of a soccer team.
    Petitions have been made and many students have signed, and yet there’s little indication that a soccer team will be forming anytime soon.
    I personally feel this does a great disservice to the student body.  This type of sports team would get students who are really passionate about it more involved in after school activities.  I think that if the middle school has a soccer team, we should too.  What is the point in training, working on skills and competing in middle school, if team members are left without a team to compete with in high school?
    Soccer competitions would create more “classic” rivalries.  Other Shelby County schools such as Calera and Pelham have soccer teams, and I don’t think that the students of Montevallo are afraid to play them.  I am friends with many Hispanic students in this school, and I see that there are very few involved in any of the sports here.  This is an opportunity to involve students in a sport that has a global following.
    Currently, those of us who love to play soccer get together and go play after school in a park, since our school doesn’t have a team.  I know that most of us soccer players here would really like to be involved and represent Montevallo out in a soccer field, and it’s not just Hispanic kids, but a lot of kids of different ethnicities come out to play with us and really love the sport.
    Having a team here would prevent the disappointment to the students coming from the middle school and realizing that they can’t continue participating in the sport.  It might also wake up the inner soccer player in a student that has never before even thought about playing it.
    Hopefully, we can form a soccer team soon, so that next time you walk around Montevallo High’s hallways, you can see a soccer trophy shining in its splendor right next to all the other trophies.