Awareness vital to surviving dangerous weather

Jessica Norris, News Writer

    Over the years dramatic weather has affected areas all over the United States. In the past year the southern states had over 300 people die in the April 27 tornadoes.  Being prepared for the upcoming tornado season and other weather disasters is very important.  Not knowing what to do before the situation can cause death or destruction to your home and family.  Today, there are many ways to keep updated by the weather: weather apps, watching television, having text message updates and weather radios.
    Not everyone has a safe place to go during bad weather. Many cities need to put together a city-wide storm shelter.  If storms keep coming like they have been, we will need evacuation plans of some sort.  There is no way to escape the devastating storms that have been happening.  Being prepared is the main key to keep yourself and family safe.  Everyone needs a plan for each different situation.  You need to expect it to happen to you so when the time comes you know what to do.  Waiting until the last minute to do something and taking cover then may not keep you safe.
    Last week, tornadoes hit central Alabama, killing 7 people.  The tornadoes came across the state in the middle of the night.  Remaining asleep and not knowing what is going on with the weather is very scary.  Being woken up in the night by your house tumbling down is not what you want to go through.  Everyone needs a weather radio for times like these.  Weather radios go off with an alarm and announce weather warnings in your area.  Also, keeping track of the weather each night especially during weather disaster seasons can keep you alert of the weather during the night.  Remember to keep updated and always have a plan.