Share remembrance of 9/11 to future generations

Staff Editorial

    As the years fly by many in our population have slowly let the tragic events of September 11 disappear and wither away from our thoughts.  The passage of time has turned those students who witnessed 9/11 into students who are forgetting that fateful day, and new students were too young to know what happened. 
    This year’s sophomore class was in kindergarten when the planes hit the towers.  Imagine the next generation that will be entering our school system.  Just as the generation of World War II soldiers and survivors is dying, years from now the citizens of the U.S. will not have many people left that were actually alive during the terrorist attacks.
    Our generation is the one who has to keep everyone remembering.  We are the most important advocates of this memory.  It is vital that we pass down our remembrance of 9/11 to future generations so no one will forget the lives that were lost that day, the fear that gripped our nation, the hope that rallied citizens, and the patriotism that united our country.  The day of the worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil changed our perspective of security and our definition of freedom.  We must be responsible for maintaining this memory and remaining true to the thoughts and feelings it prompted.     
    Today’s technological resources help people understand more about what exactly happened on 9/11.  These technologies can help us demonstrate to future generations and provide them with evidence of this day.  In addition to the new memorial in New York, videos, photographs, and interviews of survivors document the events of that day. 
    If we keep these videos playing and we keep telling where we were when it happened, then eventually, the memory of 9/11 will never die no matter how far the generation has come.  Only we can make sure that we do not let people forget; we can make people remember how much of an impact 9/11 had on our country.