New bell schedule stirs controversy

Trey Colley, Columnist

    Students and teachers around MHS have many mixed opinions on the new bell schedule this year.  The swap from our previous block schedule to the new 8-period day has raised a controversy among students.  Many students miss the longer class periods they had become accustomed to with the block schedule.
    “I like the block schedule better because I feel like I can get more work done,” senior Zack Smith said.   
    This especially rings true for the AP and honors classes; students now find themselves pressed for time to get their work done.  The shorter classes also presents a problem for science classes which try to do labs that sometimes require an hour or more to finish. 
    However, the most prevalent problem with the new schedule seems to be that students don’t have two days to finish homework for class.  With the block schedule students were able to choose which day they wanted to do homework, but now they are forced to do homework almost every night.  This takes a toll mentally and physically on students who are staying up later and working more to finish their assignments.  Also, on the old schedule, if there is a teacher or class that you don’t particularly like, then you would have a day off before returning to that class. 
    Conversely, the 8-period schedule does add some diversity to the day.  The study hall period is also a very nice addition to this year; it allows time for the students to lighten their homework load and to participate in the all-important reading time.  The study hall addition is especially beneficial for athletes, band members and students who participate in other extra-curricular activities.
    The new bell schedule brings us on par with the rest of the Shelby County School system, opening the door for new learning opportunities like distance learning.  Yet, for me the days and weeks seem longer, so I have come to the conclusion that I prefer the block schedule better.