MHS Wishing Our 3rd Graders Good Luck on their Testing!


Tyler Gentry

The Montevallo High School peer helpers will be making positive affirmation cards for 3rd graders at Montevallo Elementary School who will be taking their first standardized test. These cards will be filled with positive,confident boosting, and inspiring words and phrases that will get them prepared for the test. 

Senior Peer Helper, Siara Kennedy, when asked about the importance of the positive affirmation cards said, “it is important because they need uplifting from their older peers and motivation for this stressful week. I remember when I was younger and taking these standardized tests and was under a lot of pressure to show my intelligence and it was not easy. I want the MES students to know we understand them and we are here to support and cheer them on.”

Jamal Henderson, a 2 year peer helper at MHS said,”this is a great chance to boost the children’s morale. I remember taking the ACT and how stressful that was, so these positive words of affirmation will encourage them and it can go a long way in boosting someone’s confidence.”

Montevallo High School would like to wish all of our 3rd graders good luck on their testing. YOU ROCK!