Spanish Field Trip

Tyler Gentry, Publisher


On Monday February 27th our amazing Spanish club led by the one and only Mrs.Carlos along with multiple students traveled to Thompson High School to watch different cultural  dances. 

Mrs.Carlos said, “We went to Thompson High school ,which was the host school for the Latin American dances performances. My students were able to listen to some Spanish and watch  some authentic dances from Latin America and Spain. We then went to “Amigos” , a Mexican restaurant where the students used their Spanish and experienced authentic Mexican food.”

 Freshman Alondra Torres also attended the field trip and when asked about her experience on the field trip she said, “I enjoyed it,  I learned that through different dances people can express their country or different people just have different ways of expressing themselves through dancing.”

This is just one of the reasons why you should consider joining the Spanish club here at Montevallo High School.