New assistant principal, who Dat?


Niesha Piper and Tamyajah Sullens

 Montevallo High School welcomed a new administrator Lauren Yancey this year.  She is excited to become a part of the Bulldog family. Mrs. Yancey graduated from Vincent High School. She attended the University of Montevallo for eight years. and worked at the Shelby County  Central Office for many years. She is married and has three children ages seven, four, and two. She served as a teacher, for Chelsea High School for nearly eight years. Side note, chocolate is her all time favorite candy, and she is always accepting donations!

Mrs. Yancey loves how small our town is, and enjoys how our teachers interact with our students. She thinks education is the most important thing to give yourself, no matter who you are or where you come from. 

This year, Mrs. Yancey would like to see more student growth. Her goal is to improve teaching and learning for years to come. She also believes it is important to educate our students on drug use and the dangers of drugs. 

Mrs. Yancey wants to help the transitioning eight graders from middle school to high school. She plans to develop a program to show the upcoming ninth graders their way around high school.

MHS is excited to have Mrs. Yancey on board!