New math teacher joins MHS


Emily Haynie and Kelsy Correa

Amber Friedman is Montevallo High School’s new math teacher! Mrs. Friedman teaches Algebra II, Algebra II with Trig and Algebra Connections for 11th and 12th grades. She enjoys spending time with her four boys and her husband.

Mrs. Friedman is from Alabaster, Alabama. She attended Alabaster schools for her elementary through high school education. She then decided to further her education at the University of Montevallo in 2009. Mrs. Friedman then graduated with a bachelors in science and math and a masters in secondary education. Though this is only her second year teaching, since her husband was in the Navy, she has had lots of experience with tutoring in communities that she’s lived in.

Friedman states,  “I knew right away I wanted to work somewhere in Shelby County” since she attended Thompson while it was still in Shelby County School System. She knew that she wanted to stay close to home. 

She found her passion for math when she was in high school. Mrs. Friedman says “A great high school teacher helped me realize my potential in math and that’s how I found my passion.” She hopes to be an encouraging and motivating teacher to her new students, as well as another friendly face to her fellow staff members. 

Friedman has many goals for the new school year. She expresses that her goal is “to have a fantastic year, and help teach students to have a deeper appreciation for math and know their full potential.” So far, she has already begun to reach that goal! 

Junior Mckenna Dubose says, “She is very encouraging and truly wants us to succeed in math and our lives outside of school! We are very excited to have her and we know she’s excited to be here as well.” 

Montevallo High is super stoked to have Mrs. Friedman on staff!