New lunch schedule brings mixed reviews


Kelmy Lemus and Cody Posey

-This new lunch schedule has students talking. This alternative lunch schedule consists of 3 different groups of students, labeled A-C lunch, that span throughout 5th period following a series of bells to determine when each group goes to lunch. Students who have A lunch report to the cafeteria as soon as 4th period ends and have from 11:05 A.M. until 11:25 A.M. to eat lunch. Once A lunch is finished a bell rings to inform that it is the beginning of B lunch and the ending of A lunch and so on. B lunch spans from 11:30 A.M. to 11:50 A.M and C lunch spans from 11:55 A.M. to 12:15 P.M. Students and staff have varying opinions on the new schedule.

Justus Anderson, a current junior, enjoys the new schedule. He thinks that it benefits more than it doesn’t.

Justus stated, “The new schedule we have helps keep everyone organized and allow us to have class during the same period. People don’t have to wait to begin class, they can go ahead and start doing their work.”

Robbie Gallagher, a current junior, disagreed with this new lunch schedule. He believes that the new bells throw people off by disrupting class. 

Robbie also states, “People who have B lunch are majorly disrupted because they leave in the middle of class to eat.”

Therefore getting them off subject and taking longer to complete lessons. However he claimed that the chaos in the lunch has calmed down after the first week and believes it’s tolerable. 

On the other hand, one of the lunch ladies thinks that the new lunch schedule is a good addition. 

She states, “The new schedule is very efficient and much better than our previous one.”

She believes it helps students get in and out of lunch much faster. She believes it’s much more convenient and gives them more time to prepare the food because lunch starts later. And lastly, it benefits the teachers. It takes stress off of them by not having to deal with a class that’s just exclusively lunch.