Students win tickets to Prom


Sydney Selman

Sophomore Avery Lawley finds out she’s the winner of a free prom ticket.

Trudie Benson and Abby Hamer

Montevallo’s Event Planning class hosted a scavenger hunt for an opportunity to win prom tickets, Friday, Feb. 9.  Students paid $5 a piece to enter the contest.

“The purpose of the scavenger hunt was to raise awareness for this year’s prom,” sponsor Alethea Carter. “It also gave participants the opportunity to win free tickets to the event.”

Students could enter the hunt as a group or as an individual. The contestants in the group competition won a set of couples tickets.  The individual winner won a single prom ticket.

“The scavenger hunt was very tiring,” sophomore Jazmine Fitts said. “Students were literally running around the entire school campus.”

The winner of the couples competition was senior Georgia Hughes and sophomore Avery Lawley.

“It felt great to win!” Hughes said. “Instead of paying $85 for a couples ticket, my admission was only $5 which was the entry fee of the scavenger hunt. It was totally worth it.”

The competition was held during 8th period. Students eagerly ran throughout the school to find answers.

“I had so much fun, my adrenaline was pumping!” Lawley said.  “My first year of prom and I don’t have to pay!”

The winner of the single ticket competition was senior Jordynn Thomas.