Math classes utilize university library for research

Kelli Sellers, News Writer

Math teacher Dawn Cabrera has assigned her classes a year-long research project.  Students were given topics about early mathematic civilizations – such as Mayans and modern math – or mathematicians – like Euclid and Pythagoras – to research for a paper and a presentation for a final grade later on in the year.
As part of the research process, students visited Carmichael Library at the University of Montevallo to locate books and other resources based on their topics.
“The reason I wanted students to do this project was to give them a preview of college life,” said Cabrera. “And to show all that a college university library can offer.”
After their visits to Carmichael, students anonymously wrote their opinions on sticky notes for Cabrera.
“Walking over to the university’s library was a great opportunity,” one student wrote. “As soon as I walked in, I knew it was a step up because it was a tranquil and professional environment.”
In addition to finding a different setting, students also found a variety of sources.
“I really enjoyed going to Carmichael Library,” wrote another student. “I would have never thought of the variety of books available including old books such as the one I found that dated back to 1937.”
To continue with the research project, students will also make note cards based off their research and from other sources, such as credible websites and encyclopedias based on their topics.  They will then write their research paper and create their presentation.