Students and faculty offer prayers at See You at the Pole event


Students and faculty gather to pray before school as part of the national See You at the Pole event.

Kelli Sellers, News Writer

First Priority participated in the annual “See You at the Pole” rally on Wednesday, Sept. 25.
“See You at the Pole” takes place every year in schools across the nation to pray for different things such as the school and the nation. The key verse for the event was 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If we pray, seek, turn; then God hears, forgives, heals.”
Students involved in First Priority hung up posters, passed out bracelets with “See You at the Pole” on them and distributed flyers inviting students to the event.
Since construction on the school grounds was still in progress, First Priority moved the meeting to the large oak tree in front of the main building. However, the rain prevented them from meeting at the tree, so the alternate location in front of the cafeteria was used instead.  Music was playing, snacks were provided and students were praying.
“It was great to see people praying before starting the day,” sophomore Claire Gray said. “Everyone was willing to participate.”
Dawn Cabrera, teacher sponsor of First Priority, thought the event went very well.
“It was touching to see over fifty people join together to show care and concern for the school, community and nation,” Cabrera said. “The students did a good job of organizing the prayers.”
Students who attended the event expressed similar feelings.
“We had a good turnout,” sophomore Jhaneya Hicks said. “It was good that we prayed together.”
First Priority meets in Cabrera’s room every Wednesday morning except on the fourth Wednesday of the month where the students meet at the tree to pray.