FTA members shadow teachers at Montevallo Middle School

Taylor Worthey, News Writer

Montevallo High School’s Future Teacher’s of America traveled to Montevallo Middle School on Thursday, Jan. 10 to job-shadow teachers.
Students had previously visited the elementary school to experience life as a teacher with young children.  This time, students worked with pre-teens.
“Shadowing other teachers is a great experience,” senior member Stellesia Conwell said.  “I learn how the teachers communicate with their students and how they handle their class in case something bad happens.  If you want to be a teacher, join FTA because it really is a great experience because you will learn how to communicate with students and better understand how they think.”
FTA sponsor Dawn Cabrera’s goal for members is to discover which grade level they want to teach.
“I want to make FTA as successful and as well known here, as coach Keith Adair did for FFA,” Cabrera said.
Currently, FTA has 15 members.  The group typically partake in various activities including tutoring students, assisting teachers, visiting colleges, and attending the FTA state convention.  FTA has held many fundraisers. To support cancer awareness.  FTA also sells t-shirts and sweatshirts.
“I want the student’s to find their passion and to develop tomorrow’s students.” said Cabrera.
The job-shadowing experience allows students to view someone else’s skill in order to strengthen their own.  The purpose of this trip was for students to develop skills they can really use if they are serious about teaching as a profession.
“Being in FTA has really been a great experience,” senior member Brittany Anderson said.  “Going to the middle school was really educational and helpful.”