School prepares for annual Day of Pageants


Miss Montevallo Jessica Norris and Mr. Montevallo Jonathan Smith will return Saturday, Feb.16 to crown the 2013 Mr. and Miss Montevallo.

Alyssa Dennis, News Writer

    Montevallo’s annual Day of Pageants will take place Saturday, Feb, 16 in the Performing Arts Center.
    Participants in the five different pageants range from kindergarten to the twelfth grade. 
    Mini Miss Montevallo includes girls from kindergarten and first grade; Little Miss Montevallo includes girls from the second and third grades;  and  Young Miss Montevallo includes girls from the fourth and fifth grades.   Ladies from sixth, seventh and eighth grades can complete in the Junior Miss division. Girls and boys in the high school can participate in the Mr. or Miss categories.
    Contestants in the Mini Miss, Little Miss, and Young Miss Montevallo categories will walk on stage and introduce themselves to the judges and the crowd.  The afternoon pageant begins at 2:30 p.m. with Mini Miss with the Little Miss and Young Miss divisions scheduled to follow.
    Participants in the Junior Miss and Miss Montevallo divisions will attend an interview the morning of the pageant.  During the pageant, contestants will walk across the stage and introduce themselves to the judges.   The evening pageant will begin at 6:30 p.m. with the Junior Miss division.  Afterwards, the Mr. and Miss Montevallo categories will begin.
    The interview for the Junior Miss and Miss Montevallo contestants is a way that judges can get to know the contestants better. The three certified judges will ask the contestants about their interest, opinions, and school life.
    Interviews are a large part of the judges’ winning decision. The appearance and stage presence of the participants make up the rest of the score. The judges will also look at how the contestants smile, speak and walk.
    Participants will be crowned by the 2012 winner from each division. This year’s crowning will take place by Mini Miss Montevallo Charlie-Ann Baugh, Little Miss Montevallo Savana Smith, Young Miss Montevallo Chloe Spears, Junior Miss Montevallo Claire Gray, Miss Montevallo Jessica Norris, and Mr. Montevallo Jonathan Smith.
    Contestants in all of the categories will compete to win the title. There will also be alternates for each category. For the Junior Miss and Miss Montevallo divisions, there will be a winner, Miss Congeniality, and alternates.
    “We’re really excited about the pageant this year,” sponsor Jennifer Turner said.  “We had a great turnout last year and are hoping to have just as many girls this year.”
    This event is put on annually by the Mass Communication’s Department as a fundraiser.
    Students interested in participating in the Mr. or Miss Montevallo categories can get an entry form from the office.  Both the entry form and the fee are due by Friday, Feb 8.
    There will be a mandatory practice for those participating, Thursday, Feb 14. in the Performing Arts Center.