Students attend Mayor’s Breakfast


SGA Vice President junior Emily Colley, and junior representatives Alex Buttgereit and Chase Hamrick attend the Mayor’s Breakfast with local Montevallo leaders and dignitaries.

Sarah Hyde, Editor

The National Honor Society and SGA officers attended the 3rd annual Mayor’s Breakfast at American Village on Friday, Oct. 12.  Montevallo’s Mayor, Ben McCrory, welcomed all the attendees from around the town including the Leaders of Tomorrow Group from Montevallo Middle School, the Boys and Girls Club, and key citizens that promote Montevallo’s businesses.
After eating a well-rounded breakfast, Dr. Taylor Lawrence, a graduate of Montevallo High School and current Vice President of the Raytheon Missile Company and President of the Missile Systems Business, spoke to the audience about how he was happy to claim Montevallo as his hometown.  Dr. Lawrence spoke of his fond memories with his family and friends in the quaint town.  He remembers always having a love for physics as he went through college and high school, which helped him decide what he wanted to do when he joined the work force.
During a special session with the high school and middle school students Lawrence talked of being a part of the Marching Troubadours while being in high school and taking part in the bridge program at the University of Montevallo.  Questions were asked about every subject, from how exactly do missiles work to whether or not he believes in Bigfoot?
Dr. Lawrence was also asked if he would like to join the Personal Empowerment Conference MHS will be holding on November 19 and 20.  Unfortunately, that week Lawrence will be cutting a red ribbon at the Huntsville Space Station for a state of the art building that will be used for assembly and testing the Raytheon Standard Missile 3 and Standard Missile 6.
Montevallo is privileged to have such an influential man who calls Montevallo his home.  Meeting Lawrence can help instill in students the standards in which are held here at Montevallo High School.  Although this may be a small school and town, there are many citizens raised here who have become very successful in life.