Principal hosts dinner for community leaders


At his civic leaders dinner, MHS Principal Gary Minnick presents goals for MHS students and faculty, while sharing ways the community can become involved in the life of the school.

Lauren Taylor, News Writer

    The Civic Leader Dinner was organized by Montevallo High School’s new Principal Gary Minnick in order to get to know leaders in the Montevallo community and encourage them to be more involved in the life of the high school. The dinner was held in the media center, Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 6 p.m.  Also supporting the dinner were the Chamber of Commerce, the peacemakers club, the faculty and consumer science department.
    Peacemakers, along with sponsor Rose D’Alessio, helped prepare food for the dinner. 
    “I think that this dinner will help our community unite with our school,” D’Alessio said. “This can help us aspire to a greater, more closely-knit community.”
    The main purpose of the dinner was to help generate a new support level for teachers, and to inform guests of reasons why MHS is the best place to be for the students of the community.  Minnick aimed to get a response from the guests, whether positive or negative. He wanted their feedback and input on how to make the community and school better.  
    In addition to aspirations he has for the students of MHS, Minnick presented much information about himself and background so guests could get to know him and better understand his goals for the school.
    “I expect a new level of excellence, among the community, our students and teachers,” Minnick said.
    He invited civic leaders, the mayor, city council members, members of the chamber of commerce, area pastors and anyone that was in the business to helping to make a better community.
    “I want us to be part of the culture,” said Minnick.
    This dinner was a new change to the school, and it is helping students and community members take notice of the positive happenings at MHS and the successes of MHS students.