SGA elections decide new officers


Newly elected SGA officers and class representatives meet in sponsor Lee Pastor’s classroom to discuss plans for the school year.

Sarah Hyde, Editor

    After being postponed from last year, SGA elections have concluded.
    Students were asked to sign up with the sponsor, Mrs. Lee Pastor, and campaign for their positions.  Posters with Napoleon Dynamite, “Keeping Calm” and glitter were placed in the halls throughout the school.  Students were also asked to appear on the school’s broadcast and present a speech promoting their candidacy. 
    Winners of each title include senior Sarah Hyde, president; junior Emily Colley, vice president; junior Chase Hamrick, treasurer; and junior Alexandria Buttgereit, secretary. 
    Along with electing SGA officers, the campaign included representatives for each grade level.  SGA representative chosen are seniors Jamesia Blue, Megan Draper and Landon Goodwin; juniors Zach Tutweiler and Xan Shivers; sophomores Alexander Ezelle, Meredith Goggins and Daymon Smith; and freshman Randolph Estrada, Claire Gray and Kellie Sellers.
    “As vice president I am looking forward to changing the attitude around the school,” Colley said.  “I plan to come up with ideas to raise money for picnic tables for the front lawn for students to enjoy lunch, as well as plan a winter dance.”
    Colley plans to run for president next year and keep the ongoing energy that a new council and new principal has brought to the school.
    “I am challenging the council to step up in many ways,” Principal Gary Minnick said. “This will not just be a title organization.  I am going to ask them to be a part of and lead many different activities here at MHS.”
    Officers will likely be attending some faculty meetings and helping Minnick with many issues within the school.  All officers are excited and ready to make this school year the best it can be.
    “As treasurer, you have to be trustworthy,” Hamrick said.  “I take it as a compliment I was elected into office.  I feel that my peers trust that I am a responsible person. Either one of us running for the position would have been great for the job, but I’m pleased the voters chose me.”