Fire department displays steel from World Trade Center Tower

Taylor Burr, News Writer

    The date 9/11 has been burned into the hearts and minds of US citizens.  Though many Americans were not present in New York City during the attacks, and many may never visit the new memorial, there is a way to see a part of the World Trade Center.  The Dry Valley Fire Department has a piece of steel from Tower Two on display for anyone who wants see it. 
    The piece of steel isn’t just a random piece of steel; it was found lying on top of the late Terry Farrell.  Terry Farrell was a member of Rescue 4/FDNY and Chief of the Dix Hills Volunteer Fire Department.  Farrell died along with 342 of his fireman brothers on September 11, 2001. 
    The piece of steel from Tower Two will be moving from fire department to fire department across the state until June.  During that time, everyone who sees the memorial will be asked to sign a book.  The book will be presented to the Dean of the Fire College.  On Saturday, June 16,a procession from Hoover to the Tuscaloosa Fire College will be held to transport the piece of steel.  Once the memorial reaches the Tuscaloosa Fire College, it will remain there for citizens to look at and remember the devastation of 9/11 for years to come.