Students register to vote in upcoming elections


Seniors Jonathan Duncan and Kadijah Christian register to vote.

Sarah Hyde, Feature Editor

Juniors and seniors were recently offered a chance to register to vote in the upcoming elections.  Around fifty students registered with the Shelby County Registrar Thursday, Jan. 12.  Three representatives from the registrar traveled to MHS to assist students in filling out their registration forms.  The forms requested address and license number information, and asked citizenship questions.   For these students, this year’s elections will be the first time that they will have a say in who leads our country.
    “I think it is important to vote because if we believe in something we should have a voice, and voting is how we are heard,” senior Kathryn Ray said.  
    Some of those newly registered voters will be able to vote in the Alabama primary Tuesday, March 13.  All students who participated in the registration process seemed excited to finally be able to vote.  As young students in elementary school and middle school, mock elections are often held for the student body, and now students will finally be able to act as the citizens they are and vote in the real election.
    “Voting is very exciting for me,” senior Alisha Glover said.  “My parents have always explained the importance of voting and making sure you vote for the right person based on what my beliefs.  Everyone I have talked to is very excited to vote and is ready for the election and all the festivities that come with it.”