FTA plans activities for school year

Landon Goodwin, News Writer

    As an active organization at Montevallo High School, the Future Teachers of America has and will participate in many events and conventions over the course of this school year.  The entire motive behind the organization is to provide experience for those who will seek a career in the educational field. 
    Activities planned for this school year include visits to Montevallo elementary and middle school, the University of Montevallo, the University of Alabama and the FTA state convention.  Members of FTA also attend classes with guest speakers and mentors.
    Their visit to the elementary school gives future teachers an opportunity to job shadow a teacher.  Following the teacher around all day gives first hand experience and an idea of what actually being a teacher is like.  Students also  visited the middle school Thursday, Jan 5 to gain a different perspective as a teacher for older students.  Although they will not be visiting a high school, they will be visiting a couple universities to get the perspective of a college professor. 
    “FTA is great for people who consider teaching because it allows them to experience teaching at each level,” junior Josy Martires said.
    The FTA has already held fundraisers and will hold more by the end of the year.  During the fundraisers, the members sell merchandise such as t-shirts and sweatshirts with the MHS logo on them.  So far this has been the most successful fundraiser for them.  The money made goes toward their organization or to other causes; for example, in October the FTA’s fundraiser supports breast cancer awareness.
    “Our fundraisers help us to afford visits to universities and, of course, to convention,” junior Sarah Fowler said.
    The officers are president, junior Sarah Hyde; vice-president/secretary, senior Maryann Lee; and treasurer, senior Brianna White.  The other members are seniors Mallory Anderson, Kayla Cunningham, Alisha Glover, Raechell Miller, Jessica Norris and Kentessia Simpson; juniors Stellesia Conwell, Christin Demoss, Megan Draper, Fowler and Martires; sophomores Alexandria Buttgereit, Emily Colley, Erin Draper and Elizabeth Frederick; and freshman Lena Buttgereit.
    Meetings are held every month in which they discuss the group’s finances and future activities.  Dawn Cabrera is the sponsor.